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  NameLuxury Massage Chair TEK-778
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Product description:

1. Intellective hand-simulated with multifunction, which can detect users' curve to adjust to the best massage position.
2. Adopt VFD screen, the massage area and function is clear at glance.
3. Mechanic massage hand in the back driven by four rollers, which can be moved up and down. Sound-enclosure designed. The mechanic massage hand provide kneading, thumb-pressing, tapping and kneading-knocking massage, which can be performed at the same time. Humanized design, with whole course massage, partial massage and fixed position massage for choice.
4. With portable disc and headphone, providing synchronized music massage. You can copy the music to your taste.
  Massage strength changed as the music cadence.
5. The air bag in the sole part can wrap the foot in every direction and massage focus on the heel.
6. Air massage designed in the seat, the air bags wrap the buttocks, providing effective extrusion.
7. Two electronic rods in the back and calf support, the angle of backrest and legrest can be adjusted independently.
8. The calf can be extended according to the users' height.
9. Elegant and luxurious outward appearance can meet the needs of high taste.

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