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  NameNon-Gravity Massage Chair TEK-900
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Product description:
Multifunction Massage Chair(Space Non-Gravity Design)
 Adopt plural liquid screen, with clear and intuitionistic seeing.
2. Adopt metallic massage mechanism and Japanese technology. Sound-enclosure design.
3. Massage rollers made of environmental silica gel, providing comfortable massage.
4. The width of massage rollers designed wider than the width of other chairs. The widest massage width as 20cm, and the narrowest massage width as 2cm. The adjustable massage width make massage more comfortable and more effective.
5. Adopt high-powered integrate circuit and humanized massage hand. The massage hand detect human body automatically.
6. Legrest with multi-airbag, multi-massage point, with wavy massage feel.
7. Luxurious design fashionable and novel. Multi-level arm massage design bring comfortable massage.
8. Two electronic pole with sound-enclosure design bring you close massage service.
9. SD card or Flash disk can be connected to the chair. Synchronized music massage let you enjoy rhythm massage.
10. The chair can be adjusted at the degree of 115-170.
11. Legrest extension design can meet demand of users with different height. The longest extension is 25cm. Legrest auto extension design.
12. Environment PU material, ventilate and comfortable.

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